Cash Equities

Sunrise’s systematic and innovative research process creates a unique product offering. Sunrise offers execution services on an agency basis and executes trades globally on behalf of their institutional clients.

Sunrise provides a strong scientific overlay to the traditional core styles of equity analysis and brings them together in a relevant and bespoke manner for its clients. We blend elements of Quantitative, Technical and Fundamental analysis and use our proprietary process to identify securities that demonstrate strong alpha indicators from all three research disciplines. Sunrise screens, filters and analyses data, factor style trends and qualitative information to generate investment opportunities for our clients.

The current research process and methodology highlights optimal ‘near-term’ entry and exit levels for investors. This style of blended analytics can add value both in clients’ market timing and stock selection capabilities. There is a continual process of enhancement to our factor models which is driven both by in-house demand and in response to our clients’ requests.

Sunrise’s team comprises a mix of experienced market professionals, as well as talented graduates. We have the ability and experience to trade equity markets globally and the connectivity to trade with a broad range of the world’s largest liquidity providers and dark pools.

This product is offered globally from all 3 offices.