High Yield and Distressed

Sunrise has extensive credit experience in numerous jurisdictions, sectors and companies. Sunrise’s research is focus on identifying unique, undervalued opportunities and capitalising on asset price anomalies from a relative value basis. We focus on valuation inefficiencies in the credit markets to ensure our clients receive unrivalled service. Our research is driven by product flow and tailored to the needs of our Customers. Most notably, on the distressed credit side, we have a number of distressed research pieces that Sunrise have produced on Lehman, Icelandic Banks, distressed shipping companies and Del Monte Finance. We also cover a number of larger restructuring situations in the European LBO sector as well as lesser known bespoke situations that clients have requested.

Public Securities

Sunrise trades a variety of public securities from investment grade fallen angels and impaired high yield bond issuers.

Bankruptcy Claims

Sunrise is able to trade a variety of bankruptcy claims varying from litigation judgments and settlements, rejected executor contracts, vendor claims and deficiency claims.

Private Securities

Sunrise trades a wide range of private debt instruments such as leveraged loans, private placements, unlisted warrents and private equity.

This product is offered globally but centred in our European office.